It comes as fast as arrow 

the sorrow it gives is vast 

it is flashback to past 

It lasts till your future 

It blasts your present. 

It makes you numb

but from the east 

comes a man holds your thumb

and take you from where it all started 

for the sake of holy one you go

And their you find cake of happiness 

Hidden behind the fake act which is life

You then know you are just here to play

Delaying all the tears you meditate and dedicate yourself to the dearest of all god. 

Years passed death than came to your door 

And you with no fear roar –

He is here to take me away from the fakeness into a way where only love exist!

There came one waved you goodbye and asked you what’s 

the cake of happiness to overcome the fear of death and tear of sadness.

You cried take this life as play and then no knife will hurt your way. 

Take this fake life as movie and his directions will make you then hero. 

Take this life as drama where no one is real to you except the lord who heals pain. 

You closed your eyes by saying-

The one with whom he stands has no bitter end!