I see people selecting the road in which they should travel until their 10th results arrive while some think of going on any road which is easy!I listened a conversation where both 11 pursuing students were confused about which subject they will take and thought to take someone’s advice,now that’s were they are making a mistake!Just think if he suggests you to go on a road which he loved is it necessary you are also going to love the same road.Somepeople think to go on road less traveled because their will be no competition dude some times competition gives you kick (ruchi,intrest) to move forward. Does that mean one should not travel the road less traveled if so where should he go?

So the answer is INTEREST I offcourse won’t be the first to tell you this,everyone on the earth will say you do thing of your INTEREST (unless you’re son of a common businessman 😅 #exceptions_always_exist_tho)

What’s INTEREST now?

Something you love to do,something you feel like doing everyday,something you aren’t bored of doing,but that something must be practical!!You will say my interest is using cellphones,now thats not how you decide which road to go for?Instead you should find what’s the thing which make you use your phone,the reason you’re on it everytime.I somewhere read that if you’re observing yourself you will know what you love to do! Although I agree doing that is not easy but just consider a situation where your parents ask you where you want to go for vacations hill station or any historical place?

You know the answer of this right. How because you simply know going their will be fun for you and you will enjoy better being their!

Now think of different fields as various roads and know where you will have fun!!

And now if once you decide which road to go you need to earn some money to book your transportation.That earning money’s stage is what high school and entrance exams are all about! 

You all must have seen people doing almost everything to earn and that’s how you should study I know its not easy but you motivate yourself by seeing yourself enjoying in road you choose for yourself you can’t blame anyone by doing so and you will burn flame!(u vl rock 🤘)

Now how to decide subject just have a look here-  

  And as this is a worldcupt20 and IPL time, just don’t watch cricketers chasing their goal along with them you too do✔️ 


The studies you do now will pay you back soon. 

Don’t ever let your faith shake. 

If you choose a road less traveled and you love traveling on that road you will rock someday so dont worry. 

If you do a thing of your INTEREST you will do it better and Rest of the people will take interest on you!! 

Hardwork is all what matters 


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