The Way You SEE👀

imageIts all about how you see.If you see instead of darkness the shining stars,head lights in night you will definately love them. There is a famous saying:
Tho the situation be dark as night,trust the almighty and do the right for there is always a star to guide the humble. 💛

I know,i can understand completely how it feels when suddenly you know the person whom you loved the most is no more and what could be worst than this? you don’t just get what happened? Questioning why and how is not your thing that time. You pray god,you stare,you cry,you think actually you wish if it was only a bad dream but thats the bittertruth you gotta face the shit everyone has to starting from the richest or the poorest all have to see this weird phase!So,after completing all the rituals when all the guests go you give more your time thinking about why me and how our happy family and all stuffs.

But just think most of the cases are even more worser and everyone goes oneday you,I they went earlier but you are here for a reason.So,stop crying and let them rest in peace you can’t stop missing but you can make yourself happy with the special memories.

Do you know if people cry alot at the time of soul’s departure,its hard for the soul to go!

You can correlate this-Imagine you are going out of station without your parents for a reason and your parents start crying saying they will miss you!And this makes you miss them even more and its hard for you to go.

Sometimes you may feel irritation too because you know you are going to come home back.When a soul departs don’t make it hard but peaceful for soul is going to live with god and oneday you will go there too. 

What you can do for them after their death is to fulfill their dream and with that your too. 

  Trust the god☝🏻️🙏🏻Keep smiling.


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